Our Approach

Health, Safety and Wellbeing​

Building Tomorrow, Safely Today

Health & Safety

At MCD Construction, safety is not just a priority; it is an integral part of our identity, shaping our culture, defining our operations, and ensuring the wellbeing of everyone associated with our projects. We are dedicated to making safety not just a requirement but an ingrained cultural mindset, transforming small actions into habits that can make a significant difference.

Every operative, staff member, and visitor to our sites has a voice, and we actively encourage their input. Safety is non-negotiable, and all our staff are empowered to halt work if they believe safety is compromised.

Our commitment to safety is validated through our accreditations to ISO45001 and SSIPS standards. These certifications demonstrate our adherence to international safety standards and our dedication to continuously improving our safety practices.

Open Communication

We foster an environment of open communication without fear. Every individual is encouraged to speak out, share concerns, and actively participate in our safety initiatives. Near-miss reporting is not just encouraged but considered vital; allowing us to address potential hazards before they escalate and crucial to validating our health and safety statistics. Regular site inspections further ensure that safety protocols are consistently upheld.


Empowering our team through comprehensive training and clear guidance fosters a sense of responsibility and competence, enabling them to navigate their tasks safely. This holistic approach creates a workplace where everyone actively contributes to maintaining a secure environment. By consistently implementing these practices, means we can always meet industry standards, ensuring the well-being of our team members and the success of our projects.


Every Body Matters!
Mental wellbeing is a core aspect of our commitment to the welfare of our team. We take the mental health of all our workers seriously and provide on-site resources to support their mental wellbeing. Nurturing a culture that promotes mutual care and open dialogues, we acknowledge the significance of establishing an environment where everyone experiences a sense of support. By fostering an atmosphere that encourages genuine concern for each other’s mental health, we aim to create a workplace where individuals not only thrive professionally but also feel valued and supported on a personal level.

“By instilling a safety culture, maintaining industry accreditations, and prioritizing mental wellbeing, we strive to create a work environment where every individual can thrive, both personally and professionally."

Tom Tennant, CMIOSH Health and Safety Manager