Our Approach

Environmental Management

We are steadfast in our commitment to environmental responsibility and sustainability.

Recognising the critical role that the construction industry plays in shaping our environment, we have taken proactive steps to establish a comprehensive Environmental Management System (EMS) accredited to ISO14001 standards.
This internationally recognised standard signifies our commitment to systematically manage our environmental impact and continuously improve our environmental performance.


Sustainability is ingrained in our design intentions from project inception. We believe in creating structures that not only meet current needs but also contribute to a sustainable future. By integrating new eco-friendly practices, materials, and technologies, we strive to and promote a more sustainable built environment.


Through careful management on-site, we implement meticulous environmental management practices. Our commitment to sustainability extends beyond blueprints, with a focus on minimising waste, conserving resources, and adopting responsible construction methods. Our aim is always to mitigate our environmental impact while delivering projects efficiently.

Innovation and Adaptation

Staying at the forefront of industry innovations is essential in our journey toward environmental excellence. We continuously explore and adopt cutting-edge technologies, materials, and practices that align with our sustainability goals. This commitment ensures that we are not just meeting industry standards but actively setting new benchmarks in eco-friendly construction.

Carbon Reduction Plan

As part of our ongoing commitment to environmental responsibility, we are initiating the development of a comprehensive Carbon Reduction Plan. This strategic framework will not only address our internal carbon footprint but also align with our clients’ aspirations for Net Zero Carbon (NZC) targets. We understand the urgency of addressing climate change, and through our proactive efforts, we aim to contribute meaningfully to a more sustainable future.

“At MCD Construction, environmental management is an integral part of our identity. Through adherence to ISO14001 standards, sustainable design practices, on-site environmental stewardship, and a forward-thinking Carbon Reduction Plan, we are taking the steps required to contribute to a more sustainable and environmentally responsible future."

Tom Tennant, Head of Health and Safety and Quality