Our Approach

Quality and service excellence combined with a true desire to be different. 

“Our success is found in the power of partnerships where we aim to create a culture of a truly open and collaborative approach from the outset of every project. We believe in positivity and a can do attitude, which has been fundamental in the development strong relationships leading to repeat business, not only with client organisations but equally as important, through our supply chain partners”
Dan Corley, CEO

We want to be your contractor of choice, this is how we do it….


Our people are solutions driven and proactive, we will “go above and beyond” to make your project a success.

MCD Construction’s culture is centred around partnership. By cultivating an inclusive environment, we empower our team members to bring their best to the table. We recognise the value of diverse skills, experiences, and ideas, and we actively encourage open communication and collaboration. It is through this diversity that we form a cohesive unit capable of overcoming challenges, adapting to changing needs, and delivering exceptional results.

This approach has been fundamental to the success of our repeat business with loyal clients who turn to us again and again as their contractor of choice and it is why our teams are such a valued and integral asset of our company.



Our goal is not only to build structures but to create enduring, sustainable, and enriching places for generations to come.

From residential developments that become thriving neighbourhoods to commercial spaces that foster productivity and collaboration, we are dedicated to shaping environments that resonate with the people who inhabit them and create great places where people and communities can thrive, whether this is a place to live, work or play.

Operating with a strong social conscience, we take pride in our responsibility to add value and leave a lasting legacy. Fostering a sense of community and connectivity is at the core of our approach, ensuring that each project contributes positively to the surrounding environment.

As we grow, we are developing robust ESG strategies and policies so that we can always add value to every project and consider the environmental impact we create through our operations.


Our commitment to following processes is not merely about ticking boxes; it’s about delivering on our promise of excellence.

Our commitment to following well-defined processes extends beyond project timelines; it is embedded in our culture. We have created a set of processes which are approved and accredited to ISO 9001, 14001 and 45001, guaranteeing the highest standards of quality throughout every stage of construction. This commitment not only safeguards the integrity of our work but also ensures the safety and well-being of everyone involved.

Our dedication to process excellence extends to relationship management. We understand the importance of clear communication, transparency, and collaboration. By fostering strong relationships with our clients, suppliers, and stakeholders, we create an environment where trust and understanding flourish.

Allowing ample time during the preconstruction phases provides more certainty from the design and development to the final stages of construction, our processes are designed to ensure a seamless, high-quality, and safe project delivery. This unwavering commitment not only defines our approach but also sets the foundation for enduring partnerships and successful outcomes.